Letter P - Progress Data Logo


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Mar 17, 2019
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Progress Data - Letter P Logo is a logo perfect all digital, corporate, media and data-driven companies. It has a stylized letter p which is in motion emphasized by the use of horizontal lines flowing out of the letter P.


  • Scalable vector (AI Illustrator and Vector EPS)
  • Horizontal and Vertical Variations
  • Unlimited colors (3 Included)
  • Black and White Version
  • Grayscale Version

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Metropolis (Bold & Light) - (you can download the font from for free)

  1. Open logo.ai with Illustrator
  2. Make sure your "Layers" window is open. (go to Window > Layers)
  3. There are 4 color variants, 1 blue inverted option, 1 white on black option, 4 color variants on black backgrounds and 1 black on blue version. Toggle the visibility of the layers until the version of the logo you would like to update is visible.
  4. Each of these logos consist of 6 additional layers labeled as follow:
    1. “P Line”
    2. “Top Data Line“
    3. “Middle Data Line”
    4. “Bottom Data Line”
    5. “Company Name“
    6. “Slogan”
  5. To change the company name select the layer labeled “Company Name”, enter your company name.
  6. To update the slogan of your company select the “Slogan” layer and enter your tagline.
  7. To change the colors of the logo select the appropriate layer and select new color.