DB Replacer PRO v6.3.0 - search and replace in Joomla database


New member
Mar 18, 2019
Working with database tables can be simple and convenient if you have a DB Replacer component . This extension for sites on Joomla allows you to quickly find and replace data in any table. And you can search, including case-sensitive, and using regular expressions. In other words, the DB Replacer component will save you a lot of time, which you would spend if you performed all the actions manually. It is installed as a standard Joomla extension through the admin panel, after which the component's administrative menu appears. To reduce the load on the server, this extension provides the ability to limit the number of rows in which search and replacement should be performed.


In addition, DB Replacer has a preview of how the replacement will take place, what it was before and what will happen after completing its work. This will allow webmasters to avoid rash actions that jeopardize the performance of their sites. In any case, you should use the DB Replacer component only if you know how to work with database tables in manual mode.